Was there a Malaysian-born actor in Thor: Love and Thunder?

WHILE Marvel’s new hero flick Thor: Love and Thunder might not be coming to Malaysia, a little bit of Malaysia is in the movie.
Is it true that a Malaysian-born actor is performing in the movie?

Marvel Studio’s latest blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder were all over Malaysian news recently after it was confirmed that the movie will not be screened here locally.
However, does have a Malaysian-born actor playing a role in the fourth installment of the Thor franchise.
Born in Penang in 1961, 61-year-old Simon Russell Beale portrays the Olympian god Dionysus Acratophorus in the movie.

In Greek mythology, Dionysus is the son of Zeus and the Greek god of wine and ecstasy.
In Thor: Love and Thunder, Beale can be seen among other gods in the fictional universe during a scene where they are gathered at Omnipotence City.
Although he didn’t star in Thor: Love and Thunder, Bill was popular among the best actors of his generation.
Beale spent his early years in Penang, where his father served in the Army Medical Corps before moving to the UK.
The multi-award-winning actor is known for his work on stage television and film and even received a knighthood in 2019.
To date, he has acted in more than 30 theatrical productions, 20 films, and a dozen TV shows.